Avoiding the weight gain trap in the corporate sector

Jun 21, 2018

Corporate life can be both physically and mentally demanding. The time spent at a desk or on a laptop can have a huge impact on posture, physical fitness, pain and mobility while the constant high workload causes a huge amount of mental fatigue.
It is often the mental fatigue that causes our poor habits and holds us back from getting in control of our health. In this training I want to cover exactly how you can control and manage your health on a time budget.
We will cover the following topics;
✔Controlling nutrition on a time budget
✔Minimal effective dose strategies to cover your training
✔How to fit movement into a corporate office setting
✔How to correct and maintain posture even with spending hours at a desk
✔Disengagement strategies to implement to ensure your recovery process actually occurs
✔Sleep strategies that allow you to have maximal recovery
✔Morning routines that promote focus, clarity, energy and high performance

Location: Online Zoom
Date: Thursday November 26th
Time: 7.30pm

Conor Kearney

Conor Kearney

Personal Trainer

I am a health, lifestyle and fitness coach from Ireland currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. I am 28 years old and I have been working in the health and fitness industry for quite a number of years; be it in schools, in gyms and online.