Sarah: UK, Expat Teacher: Developing her confidence and transforming her belief systems

James: Ireland, IT and Sales: 11kg body transformation and changing his views on sustainable results

Eoin, Irish Expat, Business Development: Figuring out whats next and taking ownership of his future. Also 8KG down.


Seamus: Irish Expat: Building a sustainable healthy lifestyle as an Entrepreneur and business owner. 8KG down and sustainable routines implemented.

Martin, Philippines, 29 IT: Building a Body he is proud of

My experience has been nothing but superb. After just one month I saw tangible results and I love how hands the coaches are. You are always only one chat away to answer any nutrition or fitness queries. Furthermore, my weight has been on a plateau for quite some time even though I play alot of sport and in just a month of training, I’ve already dropped 2KG and seen so much muscle definition. I am also not feeling sleepy at work due to the night time routines that have been advised to me. I now feel I am not far away from being at my prime.

Malina: 42,  Building her health beyond just training and nutrition

Working with Conor has been the most life changing and confidence building period of my life. I feel better, I think better and am so amazed by the change in my body, my mental health, my direction and vision in life. Conor has absolutely inspired and guided me to become so much better and ultimately  a happier version of myself and that little investment has changed my life.

Krist’l 61 Yoga Teacher: Building physical and mental strength

“This is me! In a gym with my coach! I never. Ever thought I would be going to a gym! Today I had a 6th session with Conor Kearney and Dan Remon from Aspire Gym in Jasmine Building at Asoke. And finally I can move my arm behind my back without pain. Their approach is very holistic, looking at my food intake, lifestyle habits and waking up the dormant muscles. It is fun, I feel good, pain-free, motivating and I can highly recommend them.”

Toby: 15, High School Student. Building the foundations for success

I have really enjoyed my time training together. It has taught me alot about myself and given me life lessons that I can take out of the gym. I have learned so much about nutrition and what are the correct links between eating and getting results. The support I have gotten is the best I could have hoped for.

Arnaud, IT: Turning himself into an Athlete 

Building the foundations

Having started 12 weeks ago, Arnauds goals were to build strength and transform his body. With strategic programming, personalised nutrition and lifestyle flexibility he has achieved just that. This is only the beginning for Arnaud on his amazing journey. Really looking forward to more of his amazing progress.

Jeff, Canada, School principal: Re- discovering his athleticism in his 50’s

Returning to his athlete status

Having been a high school and college athlete, Jeff was used to being fit and in shape. With a busy job, moving country and general life Jeff had lost touch with his sporting roots. Since working together Jeff has made amazing progress; becoming pain free, getting back to jogging, lifting weights and following a nutritional program that allows him the freedom and flexibility he wants while still getting amazing results.

Nigel Entrepreneur: Transforming his body and turning back the clocks

Mastering his physique and building strength

Having struggled with consistency for quite some time, Nigel has seen some amazing results with his physique. Following a plan and being consistent has really paid off for this guy. An amazing amount of progress really.

Prakrit, Hotel Manager: Fitting health into an already busy schedule

Amazing tranformation and this is just the beginning

Prakrit has made amazing progress to date and this is just the beginning of his journey. Simple changes in relation to his lifestyle, nutrition and movement have given him some fantastic progressions in relation to his physique, his energy levels and his working performance.

Virginia, Singapore, School Teacher

Feeling confident and in control

My experience with Conor was just unique.. I have tried many programs, diets, etc etc etc and NEVER felt this kind of support, of confidence in my progress. Conor supported me throughout the process, guided me and got me out of my comfort zone, which later brought amazing changes, not only physically but personally. After just a few weeks I saw great changes in my energy levels and general feeling!!!

I not only feel amazingly well with my body and myself, but have goals, a routine that works for me and the tools to keep going 🙂 Invest in yourself and trust the process!!!! I couldn’t have gone through this year without Conor’s support