Solutions that ACTUALLY work

 Movement classes and workshops

People in the corporatre sector have on average 2-3000 steps per day. This is an incredibly low number and often this results in poor posture, physical pain and weight gain. Spending hours and hours at the desk takes its toll on the body and the mind. By part taking in movement sessions based on enjoyment, targets, postural correction and results, your staff will not only be feeling physically better but mentally also   

 Speaking, workshops and seminars with follow up schemes 

What is the point in paying for a 2/3 hour seminar or workshop or speaker if there is no follow up? It is a waste of money right?Implementing healthy routines and habits THAT LAST are game changers. How do you know how to implement them effectively? That is the real question.

What happens most of the time is that companies get a speaker or a workshop for a day or a half day, they do a good job and have some interesting ideas but the problem is when they leave, everything returns to normal. The amazing information just becomes wasted knowledge.