How to find the perfect personal trainer in Bangkok:

Nov 24, 2020

So you are in Bangkok and you are searching for a personal trainer right? You are searching for prices, looking up gyms, trying to find the best personal trainer for the cheapest price right? But let’s take a step back first and think about it. Are you really searching for a personal trainer or are you searching for results; be it weight loss, muscle building, toning, pain relief or a health overhaul. This should be the number one goal right? Finding results, not trainers

So this is step number one. Find a personal trainer or a coach who has proven results. Any good trainer will have a number of success stories. It’s like their CV or work experience. If the trainer does not have any client testimonials or transformational pictures then they have PROVEN results. Bangkok has thousands of coaches and trainers; this is step one in narrowing down your perfect fit

Now the next step is finding the best trainer for your SPECIFIC goal. Trainers or coaches usually have a speciality; some focus on bodybuilding, others specialise in physio, some focus on womens fitness while others may be a sports specific coach. The point I am trying to make here is that you need to search for a coach who has results in relation to your specific goal or target. Is there any point in hiring a coach that may be ripped, in great shape and knowledgeable but in the wrong area. That is like hiring an accounting specialist for a marketing position. They may be good at what they do but is it the right fit?

So let’s say that you have found 5-6 candidates amongst the hundreds of Bangkok gyms and trainers who match the above criteria, what’s next? Now you need to dive a little deeper into what their methods are, what questions are they asking you and how their process works. This might seem like a little much to some people but hiring a trainer is like getting into a relationship; you don’t get into one over an instagram message or a facebook. Well, I would hope not anyway, lol.

So from here I am going to go through the red flags for you to help you narrow things down;

  1. If your coach goes straight into a training session. There should be a full strategyzer and consultation before you step foot in a gym. The coach may bring you in for a postural assessment or a movement analysis but if they are bringing you straight in for a session then that is a big red flag.
  2. The coach/gym/trainer is talking about training and movement only. As you know, there are 168 hours in a week. If you are training with a coach 3 times a week, that is 3 hours out of 168. You need someone to help you manage the other 165; sleep, nutrition, movement, routines, etc.
  3. The coach does not do a baseline assessment with targets. Without a baseline assessment (measurements, weight, pictures, weight targets, etc etc) and tracking how will you know if you are making progress or not? You need to make sure that everything is being tracked and recorded. The amount of coaches who just come to sessions and make things up on the spot is outrageous.Coaches who do this rarely provide any decent results for people.

Once you have gone through this process then you can make your choice. Just be sure that you chose someone who can get results for clients. Just because a coach is in good shape themselves, does not necessarily mean that they can get you a result. They need to have a proven system that works. That is the bottom line.

Lastly, it comes down to the rates right?How much does a personal training session cost in Bangkok? Well, there are so many prices; starting from 700 baht and going all the way up to 3000 baht per hour. Usually the lower rates means lower quality but that’s not always the case. But again, we are thinking about it the wrong way. You need to stop thinking about the price per hour. You need to think in terms of results and effectiveness. How much am I willing to pay  to get me moving towards the result I so desire.

Conor Kearney

Conor Kearney

Personal Trainer

I am a health, lifestyle and fitness coach from Ireland currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. I am 28 years old and I have been working in the health and fitness industry for quite a number of years; be it in schools, in gyms and online.