Where is your start point? 

We each have a different start point and it is important for us to prioritize what is most important for us right now. Maybe you want to lose a few KG’s and get in shape first or maybe you need a complete overhaul of your health. Maybe you have the nutrition and the exercise covered but you are just in a rut, spinning your wheels and not knowing what direction you want to take. Whatever the start point is we can figure it out. Many of the programs overlap and each program has a component from another. Each program may also be tweaked and tailored for your specific needs and requirements.


Busy people can get amazing results with their health and fitness too:whether you are looking to build muscle, burn fat, get toned or to simply get pain free. Thats what it is about at the end of the day right? Getting results.

With our science based approach we can guarantee results because simply we have the evidence and success stories to back up what we do.

Our approach focuses on hormones, metabolism, understanding nutrition, sleep, stress, postural correction, recovery and sustainable metabolic movement


In this program we leave nothing to chance. We do a complete overhaul of your health and build your health to an elite level. 

Blood work and analysis

Monthly Vitamin and mineral IV

Full genetic testing to create your diet and movement plan (Optional)

Physio and rehab access (Optional)

Along with full access to our entire team of lifestyle coaches, nutrition coaches, personal trainers and doctor.



Sometimes we get lost or stuck and we need a change in our lifestyle. We often gravitate to fitness as a way of solving the problem. While it is true that fitness and nutrition can make you feel better, this is just a short term solution.

To really get out of a rut and move forward you need to focus on your lifestyle, your thinking, your purpose and your drive. Here is where the answers lie.

Health and Wellbeing for International School Teachers

People think that being an International School teacher is an amazing job, and to a certain extent they are right. People looking in, just see the holidays and the 7.30-4;30 style working hours but the realtiy can be very different. The reality is that teaching can be a stressfull position; with report writing, being under constant observation of parents, receiving never ending emails and being in a high octane state for long periods throughout the day.

Even though teachers seem to have it easy; quite often they find themselves burnt out, low on energy and getting in to poor habits and routines. Having been a teacher for many years myself; I know the exact pitfalls that teachers can fall into. This is why I created this 12 week program to allow teachers to build their energy, master their health and prosper in their lifestyle.